Photographer Erica Weick


Sociologists say we now only See the world through the lens…

I grew up in a house of photographers, where the fridge was filled with developing fluid and the bathroom a makeshift darkroom. Yet, writing became my creative medium and it was not until butterflies entered my field of vision that I fell in love with photography.

I was educated in Brazil and in the U.S., with a master’s degree in sociolinguistics. Initially drawn to literature and linguistics , I expanded my world to include biology, native plants and ecology. After searching in vain for the blue morpho in the Mata Atlantica mountains, near the city of Sao Paulo, I returned home and found instead tiny zen-zen blue butterflies that captivated me, here at home in the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Now, so many years later, I continue to use photography as witness to their poetry. As if these creatures could save us, grant us patience and grace, in this ephemeral infinity where we live.