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A hands-on, fun course that
helps you design and
plant your own native fern garden.

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1- How to select a good site

2- Draw a simple base plan

3- Choose your ferns

4- Design your fern garden

5- Prepare the site

6- What to look for when fern-shopping

7- Plant those ferns!


These lessons are delivered in short, easily watched videos, usually with a quick assignment at the end to support you in getting your own garden planted.


Course Instructor, Christina Pax, holds a masters degree in Sustainable Landscape Design and has been designing and teaching exclusively with native plants for 15 years.

She is founder of Annapolis Native Landscape Design and is Lead Designer at the Native Landscape Design Center at Adkins Arboretum.

She trains Master Gardeners and teaches throughout the Mid Atlantic area on native plants and landscape design topics. Let her share her passion for native landscape design with you!

You can watch it all
in one afternoon,
then go back and
review one lesson per day,
doing the assignments
as you go.

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Cost: $79

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Which native ferns are host plants for moths and butterflies, and some curious ways that ferns support birds.

The one bit of care that establishing ferns do need.

Why deer leave ferns alone.

Which ferns are best for replacing lawn on a steep, shaded slope.

How to find local as well as on-line sources for native ferns.

Shade-loving companion plants to provide nectar and bloom among your ferns.

Printable documents you can refer to, with information about each fern:

  • moisture requirements

  • how tall it gets

  • how fast or slowly it will spread

When you buy this course,
you get 3 years of access
to the Fantastic Ferns course.

PLUS you will be supporting Chris in developing
more of these courses…look below at what’s
already in the pipeline!

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So let’s do it—let’s plant a
native fern garden at your
place! This could be the start
of many more native plants
in your landscape.

Cost: $79

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